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King Enterprises - All Pakistan Custom Clearing Agent since   - 2006
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  •  King customs Clearing services
  • Global freight management
  • transportation in logistics
  • warehousing and logistics
  • We offer our custom clearance services in karachi, Islamabad, rawalindi to many reputed companies in the country. Having our own License to deal in Customs clearing business, we believe in Microseconds than in days to ensure exponential increase in speed and efficiency for your business transactions. We deliver consultancy services related to various aspects of import-export, customs, excise & DGFT seamlessly.

  • Our Freight management services are designed to the fit the exact requirements you have. Irrespective of how large or small your shipments may be, you can be assured it will get our undivided attention. Because we believe that when you have spent your valuable time in creating your exclusive product, it is imperative that it should be handled with the same care that went into its creation.

  • Optimizing your transportation and distribution network can minimize transportation costs. But this requires in-depth analysis and strategic planning to ensure smooth end-to-end operation. Our logistic team helps you do this seamlessly - right from flight consolidation to pooling, carrier selection, load optimization and safe delivery to destination.

  • Warehouse management is one of our core competencies and an integral part of the supply chain management we offer. Our warehousing and distribution service is designed to support our clients' global sourcing and distribution needs on a local level. From warehouse design to efficient storage facilities, from automatic data identification and data capture (AIDC) technology to an experienced team - King Enterprises covers all aspects of Warehouse management to ensure productivity.

  • Apart from our standard services, we also reach out to clients to help them for special projects and needs with our value added services and personalized consultancy.


AboutKing Enterprises

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Established in 2006, King Enterprises is a Custom Clearing agent Solutions Company based in Karachi, Islamabad, rawalpindi offering high-quality, customized services to both B2B and B2C customers.

Why chooseKing Enterprises

Having served several best names in the industry, we have a vast combined team experience and know the pulse of our clients to deliver exactly what they need. We believe in reaching to our customers first, before they reach us and to deliver beyond what's expected from us.
We work as a reliable partner for every kind of Custom Clearing agents challenge. Whether it is managing your entire Supply chain or offering a specialized service, our ability to listen and understand before taking action is what makes King Enterprises your partner and our solutions more effective.
A Company that believes in evolving with technology, we have invested in state-of-the-art infrastructure to perform efficiently and deliver more. Our warehousing operations have been upgraded to a completely automated system, enabling flawless, real-time inventory visibility and efficient Warehouse management system.
As a Company, we believe in building true & lasting partnerships with clients and employees. By constantly emphasising on the need to grow with purpose, we remain ethical in our approach and are committed to our social responsibilities.